Clear, conscise, and well synced.

Boom provides captioning for prerecorded files for several partners in the academic, marketing, youtube, and television networks. Our captioners are masters of description, line breaks, timing, readability, sound effects, and common style rules that average viewers may not notice.

Our captioning department is staffed 24/7, ensuring customers never have to sacrifice quality for quick turnaround. Customers are supported by a team of coordinators, who receive and check all video before moving it into the production process. Our proprietary scheduling software tells us at any given minute where a program is in the production process, ensuring we meet our monthly metric of 99.9% on-time delivery within the hour requested.



All captioning starts with a solid transcript, and our captioners are experts at creating them. Boom offers a variety of transcription services including:

  • Captioning-related Transcripts:  With or without timecode, as-written or edited, delivered in multiple formats.
  • As-Broadcast Scripts: Network-requested scripts created by Boom from scratch or from a caption file, letter-perfect to your specifications.
  • General Transcription: For editing, dubbing, publications, Section 508 compliance, and Search Engine Optimization.


All captioning is performed using our proprietary and constantly evolving captioning software.   Managing the technology ourselves means that we’re able to create new deliverables at a moment’s notice – and we often do!

Boom’s captions meet FCC offline captioning requirements and are offered in three styles:

  • Roll-up: All dialogue, sound effects, and lyrics appear as 2 or 3 lines of text placed in a fixed position at the bottom or top of the screen (depending on graphics); change of speaker is indicated by speaker ID or simply >>. Roll-up style is typically used for interviews, how-to programs, or for budgetary considerations.
  • Pop-on: All dialogue, sound effects, and lyrics can appear anywhere on screen – top, bottom, left, right, center. Dialogue appears below, above or next to the person speaking, while all sound effects and lyrics are placed in the centered position.
  • Pop-Center: All dialogue, sound effects and lyrics appear in a fixed, centered position at the bottom or top of the screen (depending on graphics); change of speaker is indicated by a dash, and characters’ dialogue is stacked; this style is often required of web-based video.

Whether your project is airing on television, the web, a subscription video-on-demand service, or you just need a transcript of your project, request a quote or contact us for more details.

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