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Transcription, privacy, pricing, and format questions.

The cost is dependent upon several factors such as length of audio, timestamping, number of speakers, turnaround time requested, etc. The price is determined on a case-by-case basis.

There are many factors that determine the turnaround time of transcripts such as length and quality of the audio, client deadlines, etc. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

We are capable of providing the completed document to you in various formats; however, our default format is MS Word unless other arrangements have been previously made.

If the audio file is small enough to send as an e-mail attachment that is one way to transfer files to us. If the audio file is too large for e-mail, we prefer to utilize Dropbox and can either share a folder with you or you can share one with us. If you are already using another file sharing service such as Google Drive, Box or WeTransfer, those are acceptable avenues as well of file transfer.

All transcriptionists on our team have signed Confidentiality Agreements on file. We understand that confidentiality of work product and material is imperative We also have no problem signing an additional Confidentiality Agreement when requested by a client. We establish with every new client whether they would like us to destroy all work product after the project is completed.

We have a secure FTP facility with password encryption that ensures the security of all data transfer. The files stored on our systems can be accessed with a secure password assigned to senior executives only, 30 days after the assignment is complete the files are automatically deleted. The confidentiality of all data sent to the company is never compromised; a worded agreement for the satisfaction of our clients can be signed on request.


We classify the audio quality in the following categories,

Category (A): Single speaker with clear speech, and without background noise or disturbances.

Category (B): Multiple speakers with clear speech and without background noise and disturbances.

Category (C): Single or Multiple speakers with background noise, difficult accents and disturbances.

Based on the quality of the audio, we guarantee a 99% accuracy of speech-to-text conversions, the transcripts are proof read by experienced editors before the documents are sent to customers.

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